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Workshop Wednesday

Technology Basics Workshops

In these workshops, we will introduce computer and internet users to basic safety when they visit websites, create passwords, and receive email and other communication from potential fraudsters. A primary objective of the workshop is for learners to increase confidence in their ability to engage online while staying safe from scams and fraud.

Classes include: Cybersecurity Basics; Basic Internet Understanding; Basic Computer Device (desktop, laptop, tablet, smartphone), Operation, Basic Email understanding.  

Cost is free and for those whom complete the one hour session, printed certificate will be earned.

Schedule for your customized session;
call the Logan-Hocking County District Library (740 385 2348), for sign-up or email the Tech Trainer at

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This weeks technology question:

Very early technology question:

Invented around 150 BC, for which now is an everyday requirement,
the Antikychera was used for?


 A) knit 

 B)  cream butter

C) calendar

D) make lasagna

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Have a question about technology, email me at:

Rob Davis, Technology Trainer

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Correct Answer: 

C) calendar  

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The Antikythera mechanism is an Ancient Greek hand-powered orrery
(a mechanical model of the solar system, used to represent their relative positions and movement),
described as the oldest known example of an analog computer.

Primary use was to predict astronomical positions and eclipses decades in advance.

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This program has been made possible by The Institute of Museum and Library Services
and The State Library of Ohio.